Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Done. Summer Album, Here We Come!

I shouldn't blog right before going to bed because the siren of sleep ensures I keep my posts more brief than is perhaps prudent. I would like to go on for a bit longer about the wedding than I probably will, especially since it involved OST's two #1 fans, but I also would like to stay awake at work tomorrow. (Which is not to say sleep will be forthcoming: I feel a bit hyperthymic at the moment.)

The wedding went over well, I thought. It was an nerdy, epic affair. I loved it. A triple layer cake laid out like a D&D map. 20-sided dice on the tables at the reception. The music: the Tetris theme for the entrance of the wedding party, the Jedi theme (from John Williams' "The Throne Room") for the entrance of the bride, and the theme from the original Star Trek for the recessional. Afterward there was a reception DJ'ed by none other than Lauren, and a live set from Original Sound Trash. (She'd ended up in charge of all the music, start to finish.)

Not gonna' lie, the set could have gone way better. Though Chad and Sheri are fans of our music, it seemed most of the guests were not. Apparently our punk-accented indie rock did not please the elderly relatives which comprised most of the crowd. Only a few people, all young folks, gave us a positive reaction. A couple songs in we got asked to turn it down, and then we had to wrap it up a few songs early because we were getting on elderly nerves. Which I admit is perhaps somewhat understandable, elderly ears being attuned to different frequencies than those of youths, but it still annoyed.

The dance music was good though, and all parties came out ahead: the old folks (and possibly anyone who actually knew how to dance) got to laugh at us nerdy young folks and our spastic microseisms, our micro-seizures, while we nerdy young folks got to (somewhat rhythmically) step and twitch the hours away. It was more exercise than any of us will probably get all year. I was still a little bit sore from it this morning.

Finally, I get a month off of work starting after work this Friday. Lauren and I are gonna' try to get a full-length album recorded, mastered, and minted in that time, so wish us luck! If you happen to know of any professional studios in the Portland area that are both good and cheap, let us know!

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