Saturday, June 19, 2010

That was quick

I collect projects. It's true: right now I'm trying to teach myself enough about electronics to be a successful hobbyist, trying to learn Norwegian (forstår du norsk?), writing two novels, setting up a small business with a friend, making a touchscreen table and a touchscreen picture frame, and putting together a portable recording studio. Some of these projects have stalled out (I haven't touched the small business in about a year, it seems) and yet others seem to be going strong. It's funny how the things you're *really* interested in seem to get done much more quickly than the things you *should* be interested in. (Wait, "should be?" Damnable dutiful Puritan ideals.)

The portable studio is pretty much bought already. At least, its roots are. The day after I posted about the MacBook I went back onto Craigslist and found a better laptop for only $400. Went down to Portland and bought it the same day. It's a PC but it has a Firewire port so I figure it'll work.

I did some more research and found out that a lot of people had problems with the MOTU audio interface recommended in that almost 8 years old article linked to in my last post. I dug a little deeper and discovered the RME Fireface 800: a firewire audio interface with better specs than the MOTU unit and not a bad review in sight. A new unit carries a $1,699 price tag but I managed to snipe an eBay auction for a used one at $925.

After that I got a pair of used AKG headphones for $89.95 and a Rode NT1A small diaphragm condenser microphone for $192. ($229 if I'd bought it new.)

Two days and somewhere around $1,607 later I'm more or less broke but pretty much set as far as my portable studio project goes. I still want to get Cubase 5 ($499) but I'm gonna' have to wait on that until after Lauren and I get that CD professionally recorded. (I *did* save a decent amount for that!)

I'll get something recorded and up here once all the pieces arrive.

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  1. Wow, you found some good deals. Despite the appearance, it only looks like I'm commenting on every single post. I think I skipped one. I do this to every blog I read though, just ask Lauren. She probably got tired of reading my comments about how attractive you are.