Saturday, June 12, 2010

Of Coffee Shops and Weddings

I've been spending a lot of time in coffee shops recently due to there being no internet at my apartment. It's given me the chance to listen in on conversations and think about human nature a bit. In Newberg the human scene is definitely of a particular kind. Here is a paraphrased exchange (or rather monologue; the man was rather silent for the most part) I once heard in one of the shops:

"That's why I locked myself in my room for a couple of hours with my Christian music turned up. I could feel the devil attacking me, just weighing down on my soul; I had to rebuke him and so I just lay there on my bed with my music up until I felt the feeling pass."

(She looks around the coffee shop to see if anyone has heard her discussing these things)

"And I know I'm under attack, even at church. I know they want to get rid of me because I push the envelope. I'm trying to get things changed and they want me to toe the line."

(She looks around again.)

Everyone wants to feel special. I know it doesn't take an anthropologist (or psychologist) to figure that one out. We each have ways of making ourselves feel special. For some people it's religion. These are the people who go on and on about how screwed up the world is and how they want to save it through Jesus. They don't want to save it through Jesus. They want to save it for themselves, for their own ego. Then there are the people who find it in music. You can pretty much replace the word "Jesus" with "music" in the preceding sentences and get their marching rhythm.

I'm playing at a wedding next week. It's for a couple of awesome friends, my band's #1 fans. They're having us play some very specialized music. I don't want to give any spoilers so I'm not going to divulge the pieces, but they fit the pair really, really well. They are icons for what makes them special.

I've been messing around on guitar recently. I haven't written or recorded anything in a while but I'm hoping to get some things together once my internet connection arrives this Sunday. Summer always seems to bring a special mood of creativity upon me and I think this year's season will bring with it a bumper crop. I've begun work on a second novel and it's exciting to me. I'm trying to carve out something the way Stephen Bloom from The Brothers Bloom carved out his cons, "the way dead Russians write novels, with thematic arcs and embedded symbolism and shit." I've also had a bunch of song ideas, which I need to write down. (This morning I came up with two full songs, but I haven't written them down and may forget them... hopefully I won't forget them! :-p)

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