Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Walking back to my car from my friend's apartment where I'd moved to continue my coding spree, I started thinking about marketing and how little I know about it and how heavily what we're trying to do will be affected by our skill with it. Can we pull this off without anyone beyond our hosts and venues knowing about it? Probably. Will it be half as good without people coming to our shows to see us playing? Not at all.

It's the question of quantity and quality that's getting me now. The software I'm writing is going to be great for reaching a large quantity of people in a broad and impersonal sort of way. I guess that's an important part of the marketing mix: getting things out there. On the other hand who might be turned off by it? Who are we shutting out by trying to reach everyone at once? If there's one person who can reach ten other people, isn't it better to forge one strong connection there than to form eleven weak connections with eleven people?

I'm not sure. It's certainly more satisfying. In high school I knew someone who was really into my music. She lived down in Louisiana. She did an art project based on the lyrics to a song I'd written and got all her friends interested. That was easily the happiest moment of my music career at the time.

So the question comes back: quantity or quality?

You know, I can't answer that. I think it's a little of both, but then I always tend toward the "middle path." I guess that's part of what this blog is about: documenting our path every step of the way so you can learn along with us.

Eventually the answers will come.

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