Saturday, April 3, 2010

Join Our Street Team!

Today we began trying to find recruits for our street teams. The idea is to recruit people a month or two ahead of time in each state we're planning on visiting, as well as each state that expresses interest, to help promote the band and, once we have a booking, the show. Each person that sends us their address and an expression of their interest in bringing us to their town will receive a box of promotional material, such as buttons, t-shirts, and perhaps soap. Anyone uncomfortable with sending their address over the Internet will soon be able to download and print out their own promotional material.

We posted a notes on our Facebook page, MySpace, and tour blogs. We also uploaded a video of us explaining the street team idea to YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace. The video is below:

In addition we began taking donations for the tour. You can donate via the buttons on our MySpace, Facebook, or just to the right in my blog sidebar. While the cost of the tour is still nebulous, it is certain that it will be difficult to cover. Any help is appreciated!

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