Monday, April 26, 2010

The compromise (part 2)

Today I went to work at around 9am, ground some coffee beans, had some coffee, got really, really buzzed because I never have coffee, waited around until people who needed to be there in order for me to proceed arrived, got some actual work done, signed some forms, and then spoke with the CEO and his partner.

There were vague allusions to glittering mountains of wealth somewhere off in the distance. For all the misty wording I begin to wonder if those craggy peaks are not, in fact, illusions. Nonetheless I find myself enjoying things there on the whole and having a three year finish line of sorts makes it all seem less monotonous.

Now for the important part.

"Yes, I think that's reasonable," said the partner.

With that it was decided: I am to work full-time starting May 3rd until sometime in June. Then I am free to go on rock tour for one month. After that it's back to work.

If you want us in your state, speak now or forever hold your peace. It may never be again that we come out your way, and it will almost certainly be a few years if we do.

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  1. Did you at least inform Lauren of this important news so she didn't have to find out from your blog? When you guys ever do a tour, come play in Seattle!